I’m Glen West, a biohacker, film composer and music producer working between Los Angeles and London.

I write film music for ensembles of all scales: from Moogs and musical saws to 100-piece orchestras. As a score supervisor and orchestrator, I’ve worked with leading composers on tentpole pics, indies, commercials and concert works. Yes, I'm a paid-up member of the Ghostwriters' Club 1.

I’m a world authority on film music preservation, working directly with major film studios and estates including The Bernard Hermann Estate and The Frank Cordell Estate. I've built collaborations with partners such as Spitfire Audio - resulting in the Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit.

I co-own Stylotone, a UK based record label, leading the audio restoration work and co-leading the label’s creative direction. You may have heard2 some of my work, such as the World Premiere release of music from Psycho and a Super-Deluxe Edition vinyl release of Twisted Nerve.

My American cousins beware: I talk with a British accent, walk with a cane3 and am bound to say the most inappropriate thing in the room. Frankly, I’m delightful.

If you want to reach out to me then shoot me an email (old school).

  • 1 The first rule of Ghostwriters’ Club is: you don’t claim IMDB credits in Ghostwriters' Club.
  • 2 Whose contents went from this to this (acetates... Kerpow!).
  • 3 Died 2019. No known heirs or descendants.
  • 4 It depends which way the wind is blowing.